MTG Suspend: How It Works and What It Does

mtg suspend feature image

There are many complex mechanics in MTG. Suspend, for example, has a lot of niche rules and interactions that can make it difficult to fully understand. The idea of delaying your spell is simple enough, but how does it actually work? If you have a card with suspend in your …

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What Is The Stack In MTG And How Does It Work

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The stack in Magic the Gathering has a reputation for being a confusing part of the game for many players.  The stack has this reputation because players are hesitant to learn and teach others. That will end today because the stack is as easy as pancakes. How Does The Stack …

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How Do Partner Commanders Work In MTG?

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Partner commanders can be confusing to new and older players alike. Partner, Partner with, and Companion all sound like similar abilities so it’s no wonder players become lost. From to , I will lead the way through the darkness. Partner commanders are legendary creatures with the keyword partner. Up to …

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Top 10 Best Cat Cards In MTG

arahbo feature image

Everybody loves cats! Well, most people do anyway, and those who don’t still love cats in Magic The Gathering. Cats are everywhere in the planes of Magic. Many don’t know this but there are close to as many cats as there are elves. They’ve become such a prominent tribe in …

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5 Common Commander Deck Building Mistakes

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You’ve picked a commander or perhaps you want to upgrade a preconstructed commander deck you bought from the store. You have all of your cards laying out, well over 100 cards. How do you make the right cuts? I have been playing commander for years now and I still sometimes …

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Best Commander For New Players

sram the edificier

If you’re a two decade veteran of Magic like myself, it’s easy to lose track of how steep the learning curve has become these days, particularly for Magic’s most popular format, Commander (or EDH, as it is also commonly known). I have several friends who are learning to play, and …

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