MTG Equipment – Everything you need to know

equipment feature image

Equipment(s) are a super flavorful card type in Magic: The Gathering. They are cards that represent a piece of equipment that is bestowed upon one of your creatures, granting it bonuses. While some equipment are stronger than others, there are also creatures that gain additional perks if they’re equipped with …

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Set Boosters vs Draft Boosters FAQ

set booster vs draft booster feature image

With each of the 4 annual sets coming with corresponding Theme Boosters, Draft Boosters, Set Boosters and Collector Boosters, there are more new MTG products hitting shelves each year than ever before. While they are all somewhat similar, each of these products fill a niche in the market and have …

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MTG Saga: Everything You Need to Know

sagas feature image

It’s not often that WOTC will completely rethink how Magic cards work, but they can create some amazing designs when they do. A saga is a special kind of enchantment that doesn’t function quite like anything else in MTG. They immediately became a fan favorite and have appeared numerous sets. …

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Best Double Masters 2022 Cards

best double masters reprints

With another Masters set comes a great limited environment, new art, and excellent reprints. No matter what constructed format you play, there’s sure to be cards that you can use. Let’s get straight to the best reprints out of all the cards in Double Masters 2022. Table of Contents: EDH …

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MTG Ninjutsu: How It Works and What It Does

ninjutsu feature image

Few creature types are as resonant, flavorful, or just plain cool as ninjas. Even though there have only been a few sets featuring ninjas, they have a unique playstyle that many players love. Ninjutsu is such a popular MTG mechanic not just because of its flavor, but also because it …

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What Is cEDH? Your Questions Answered

cedh explained feature image

Magic: the Gathering has a ton of different terms and abbreviations. It can be a lot to keep up with even for a seasoned player. You may have seen the term cEDH written, or heard people talking about it at your local game store. What exactly does it mean though? …

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MTG Annihilator: How It Works and What It Does

annihilator explained feature image

Double Masters 2022 releases July 8th. And although spoilers have just started, we already know that the set will feature reprints of several popular and powerful Eldrazi cards. To get you ready for the set, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the MTG Annihilator mechanic. I’ll also …

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MTG Unfinity – All Availible Products

The newest “un-set” coming to MTG is called Unfinity and was originally set to be released on April 1, 2022. However, covid-19 complicated things and pushed the release back. Now, we have a new release date of October 7, 2022. While this is still somewhat distant, each of the MTG …

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Unfinity Lands – Full-Art Basics And Ravnica Shock Lands

mtg unfinity lands feature image

The new lands that come along with each set are always something to be looked forward to. Especially when that set is an “un-set, which are notorious for their gorgeous full-art basic lands. The newest un-set called “Unfinity” has not disappointed with its basics. Furthermore, the set has actually raised …

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