How to Play a Lawful Evil Character [Guide & Examples]

lawful evil dragon leading an army

Most adventuring parties will be forces of good: protecting the innocent, slaying monsters, and generally keeping the peace. However, many players want to dabble in the dark side. Playing a Lawful Evil character can be a new, exciting way to approach a DnD campaign, but you might be wondering how …

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DnD Point Buy in 5e: A Complete Guide (Pros and Cons)

party of adventurers facing off against a dragon

One of the most exciting aspects of DnD is creating your very own character. You get to decide their personality, their backstory, and what special abilities you’ll use on your adventures. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is assigning ability scores to your character, and Point Buy is …

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DnD Standard Array 5e: A Complete Guide (Pros and Cons)

dnd standard array feature image

Building a DnD character can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. You have a ton of decisions to make, and one of the most important is choosing your character’s ability scores. Your ability scores will determine how you fight and solve problems throughout the entire campaign, and the easiest way …

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DnD Weapons: A Complete Guide

dnd weapons feature image

Along with exploration and social interaction, combat is one of the three major pillars of DnD 5e. Unless you exclusively use spells, you’ll need the right weapon to get through battle in one piece. But what weapons can you choose from in, and how do they even work? Whenever you …

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Dungeons and Dragons Feats: A Complete Guide

adventurers on a ship fighting a giant sea monster

DnD is all about playing as your own unique character. There are countless concepts you could have for your character, so race and class options might not be enough to fully bring your vision to life. Luckily, feats give you the ability to specialize your characters even more. Feats are …

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Dungeons and Dragons Alignments Explained

dnd alignments feature image

In Dungeons and Dragons, a big part of the fun is developing your own fantasy hero. You could be a noble knight in the service of the local nobility, or a wicked mage in search of forbidden spells. To help define your DnD character’s motives and morals, you can give …

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