MTG Backup Explained – What It Is, And How It Works

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March of the Machine is in full swing and we have seen quite a bit of spoilers already. As with any new set, brand-new mechanics are being introduced and MOM the machine hasn’t disappointed in this department. One of the new keyword abilities is “Backup” and it’s the topic of …

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Commander Masters – New Precons, Jeweled Lotus Reprint, And More

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Wizards of the Coast dropped some big news earlier today! On August 4th, 2023 we’ll have the first-ever Masters set explicitly made for Commander. Commander Masters will contain some extremely exciting, powerful reprints and brand-new cards. But that’s not all, let’s look at what else the set has to offer. …

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The Best Phyrexia: All Will Be One Spoilers

phyrexia spoilers feature

Revisiting New Phyrexia means a dramatic twist in the lore, the return of powerful mechanics, and most importantly, an exciting suite of new cards to play with! Historically, sets involving Phyrexia have given us plenty of strong cards, and All Will Be One looks to be no different. Let’s take …

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Phyrexia: All Will Be One Story Summary

phyrexian portal

As the Phyrexians continues their attack on the multiverse, Magic’s latest story arc continues to develop. In the new set, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, a band of planeswalkers takes the fight to New Phyrexia. Our heroes attempt to strike down the Phyrexian incursion at its source, and hopefully stop …

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Lost Caverns Of Ixalan – Spoilers, Info, Story, And More

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Ixalan is a plane full of Dinosaurs, Merfolk, Vampires, and Pirates; At least on the surface and on the seas. That said, the plane has much more dwelling below the surface that we have yet to discover. However, I think looking at what we know about the sets coming before …

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