Archetype Overview – Modern Murktide Deck Tech

murktide feature image

came to Moden in June of 2021 and has since perched itself atop the meta. It is one of the format’s most competitive decks and the focus of today’s article. If you’re interested in the archetype at all you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be covering how the deck …

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Commander Masters – New Precons, Jeweled Lotus Reprint, And More

commander masters feature image

Wizards of the Coast dropped some big news earlier today! On August 4th, 2023 we’ll have the first-ever Masters set explicitly made for Commander. Commander Masters will contain some extremely exciting, powerful reprints and brand-new cards. But that’s not all, let’s look at what else the set has to offer. …

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Archetype Overview – Modern Breach Deck Tech

underworld breach feature

The Modern meta is always evolving and has quite a few powerful combo decks seeing play at any given time. Right now, the three-color combo deck simply known as “breach” is at the top of the pack. So, today we’ll cover what the deck is, how it plays, and the …

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All MTG Commander Precons – The Complete Guide

all mtg commander precons feature image

Commander or “EDH” is the most popular way to play Magic: The Gathering. The format allows players to build 100 card decks using almost any card in print. This includes some of the rarest and most powerful cards in magic. While this makes the format fun, it also makes deckbuilding …

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