The Best MTG Playmats

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Playmats have been used in TCGs for years now. They are usually very colorful and unique and can make for a fun and helpful experience. They can range in quality and in size, but all help make the game much more fun for the players. The best playmats are ones …

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MTG Ward: How it works

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Ward is a brand-new mechanic. When new mechanics come around, there is always a little bit of confusion as to what it is and how it works. In this article, I will uncover all of the mysteries behind one of magics’ newest mechanics, ward. Ward is a mechanic in Magic: …

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MTG Dredge: How It Works and What It Does

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Dredge is a very powerful mechanic in Magic: The Gathering but how exactly does it work? What is it that dredge does to make it so powerful? All this and more will be addressed in this article Dredge is a recursion mechanic in Magic: The Gathering that works only while …

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The Best MTG Dragons

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Dragons are one of the coolest and most iconic creatures in all of fantasy. MTG dragons are no different. Magic has had dragons all across its history and in many different colors. The best dragons in magic are: Elder dragons are so iconic that they even spawned a new format, …

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