Crown Zenith Buyer’s Guide

crown zenith feature image

Pokemon’s newest set, Crown Zenith marks the end of the Shield and Sword era of the game and the end of Pokemon TCG Online. So, it’s a very special set in more ways than one. Not being a standard release makes knowing what products are coming, when they release, and …

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How Much Are Your Pokémon Cards Worth?

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Most people have some experience with the Pokémon trading card game. Some played the game in their youth, while others were parents of someone who played. Regardless of your relationship with the game, with the recent increase in Pokémon card value, many people find that they have collections of cards …

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Pokemon Lost Origin – The Lost Zone Returns

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The release of the newest Pokemon set, Lost Origin brings with it the reintroduction of “The lost Zone.” Which is a game area that usually doesn’t come up in most Pokemon games. With that said, with the mechanic getting a revamp, I thought it appropriate to give a little refresher …

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How To Play The Pokemon TCG: A Beginners Guide

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Almost everyone is familiar with the Pokemon franchise in some way or another. Some watched the popular TV show, others played one of the many video games, and some collected or played the TCG. Many have done all of the above at some point or another. There are also tons …

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The Best Pokémon Starter Decks [Upgrade Guide & Strategy]

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Most people are familiar with the Pokémon franchise in one way or another. Some played the video games; others watched the TV show, some played the TCG and others did all three. With that said, the preconstructed starter decks offered lots of players an on-ramp to the card game. Today …

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The Top 10 Best Lost Origin Cards

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The newest Pokemon TCG set release came out just over 2-weeks ago. The set has some very collectible cards, some high-value chase cards, and some very powerful cards to excite players. Today it is the best lost origin cards we will be going over. Each one of the cards you’ll …

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The Best Pokemon Cards Of All Time

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The Pokemon TCG started in October of 1996 and has put out a plethora of cards in that time. Needless to say that some have been good, some have been bad and some have been stellar. Today it is the best pokemon cards ever printed that we will be covering. …

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MTG Card Size: Your Questions Answered (Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh)

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The exact dimensions of an MTG card aren’t something you think you need to know; until you need to know. This could be very useful information for several reasons. First, it’s important for buying properly fitting sleeves. Second, it’s must-have information for people who want to print proxies or custom …

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The Best Card Sleeves For Mtg And Pokemon Cards

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If you are into MTG, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh, you are probably somewhat interested in card sleeves. Whether you’ve been sleeving cards for years or you’re picking up your first pack, you may have realized just how many options are available. This is because sleeves, figuratively and literally, are not one size fits all products. So, …

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