The Best Phyrexia: All Will Be One Spoilers

phyrexia spoilers feature

Revisiting New Phyrexia means a dramatic twist in the lore, the return of powerful mechanics, and most importantly, an exciting suite of new cards to play with! Historically, sets involving Phyrexia have given us plenty of strong cards, and All Will Be One looks to be no different. Let’s take …

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Phyrexia: All Will Be One Story Summary

phyrexian portal

As the Phyrexians continues their attack on the multiverse, Magic’s latest story arc continues to develop. In the new set, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, a band of planeswalkers takes the fight to New Phyrexia. Our heroes attempt to strike down the Phyrexian incursion at its source, and hopefully stop …

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The Best Green Ramp MTG Cards for EDH

farseek feature image

When you’re building a Commander deck, it’s important to build a solid foundation to support your strategy. As an example, decks that don’t have enough ramp will fall behind their opponents, even at more casual tables. You’ll need to find ways to get extra mana, and green has the best …

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MTG Monarch: The Ultimate Guide

the monarch feature image

Few mechanics can alter a game of Magic like monarch can. It has a simple effect, but it creates a new dynamic that encourages combat and opens the door for political plays. If you’re new to multiplayer Magic, you might be wondering what exactly monach does, and why is it …

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MTG Shroud vs Hexproof: Which is Better?

swiftfoot boot feature image

Protecting your threats is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll win a game of Magic. In particular, shroud and hexproof can stop your opponents from dealing with your board, but these keywords have an important difference. Many Magic players compare shroud and hexproof, and it can be …

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How to Set Up SpellTable for Remote Magic

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Even as paper magic returns at both local game stores and the competitive circuit, many players still have a desire to play remote games of Magic. Maybe you’re part of a Discord server that connects players from across the world, or some of your friends live too far away for …

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How to Play a Lawful Evil Character [Guide & Examples]

lawful evil dragon leading an army

Most adventuring parties will be forces of good: protecting the innocent, slaying monsters, and generally keeping the peace. However, many players want to dabble in the dark side. Playing a Lawful Evil character can be a new, exciting way to approach a DnD campaign, but you might be wondering how …

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The Best Mana Rocks in Magic: the Gathering

black lotus

Mana rocks are pretty common in Magic. They’re present in nearly every set, and they vary significantly in quality. Some might be format staples while others are completely unplayable, but some players may have trouble evaluating the rocks that lie in the middle. The most important element of your mana …

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The Best Precon Commander Decks [Buyers Guide]

meren of clan nel toth

With Commander decks releasing alongside every set, it can be difficult for both new and veteran players alike to know which one they should get. While it’s hard to go wrong with this decision, some decks stand out among the rest. While most players will choose a deck based on …

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The Brothers’ War Best Cards

mishra going HAM and nuking stuff while his eye glow red and blue

This set might be taking us back to one of Magic’s oldest stories, but there are still plenty of new cards for us to experiment with. Cards from the Brothers’ War should be making their mark on tons of formats, so let’s go over what you can expect from Magic’s …

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