Wilds Of Eldraine – Spoilers, Info, Story, And More

The Wilds of Eldraine are enchanted lands that lie outside “The Realm” we saw the first time we visited the plane. They are a disorienting place known to house all monsters, vile magic, and curses. And they are exactly where Magic: The Gathering is going in late 2023, right after it wraps up the events kicked off in The Brothers’ War. That said, besides what I just mentioned, we don’t have any concrete info. However, based on what we do know I think a few things are pretty likely to happen. So, let’s jump into the Wilds Of Eldraine spoilers, storyline, mechanics, and lore.

Key Dates

Right now, the best thing we have for a date is the third quarter or Fall of 2023. Based on when sets usually come out, I would guess that the set will be hitting shelves in October.

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Obviously, the events of the set will take place in the Wilds outside of The Realm where Throne of Eldraine took place. So, based on this knowledge there are a few things that I can say with confidence, even without knowing the details. Here’s what I think the story will contain.

The Council of the Druids

The Council of the Druids is the closest thing the wilds have to a governing body. Once upon a time, the elves of the council ruled over Eldraine and its people with powerful magic and held themselves as superior to all other races. Eventually, they were overthrown by humankind, and the majority of the order fled to the wilds.

The lore has it that they seek to restore themselves to their former glory. Therefore, I expect to see this as a story arc for the set to some extent and this would also mean there will be some support for elves as a tribe.

So, prediction number one – The elves are looking to regain power of the realm, and elf tribal decks get some new pieces. One of which will probably revolve around “The Heart Land” which holds the ruins of their former empire.

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The Kenrith Twins Return To The Plane

kenrith the returned king
will kenrith

Prediction number two – It may not be a significant story point but I can’t imagine a return to Eldraine without the return of the plane’s most notable natives, Rowan and Will Kenrith. So, I think both will make appearances in the set.

Oko Returns To Stir Up A Rebellion Amongst The Creatures Of The Wilds

Oko was a troublemaker the first time around (both for the lore and the meta) and I think the plane’s infamous villain will stir up the chaos for this set as well.

Wilds of Eldraine Spoilers

We’re still way too far out to have any official spoilers but here’s what I think we’re likely to see.

The Fair Folk

There is all manner of things that live in the wilds and as a whole, they are referred to as “The Fair Folk”. Here is a list of creature types that I expect to see support for in Wilds of Eldraine:

  • Faeries
  • Elves
  • Merfolk (known as undines)
  • Redcap goblins
  • Human witches
  • Dwarves
  • Giants
  • Dragons

Planting seeds for several different tribes makes quite a lot of sense, considering after this set MTG heads back to Ixalan, which was a very tribal-heavy plane last time.


oko thief of crowns

Again, Oko is a key piece of the storyline from the first time we visited the plane and I think he will return in this set in some capacity. That said, I don’t know if he’ll get a full-on planeswalker card this go around. And if he does, hopefully, it doesn’t end up being banned in nearly every format imaginable.

Suspend Cards

Once outside the walls of the Realm and within the ever-shifting borders of the wilds time, direction, distance, and the seasons all behave in strange ways. I think the perfect way to bring this into gameplay is with suspend cards. After all, they do represent time and they haven’t seen print since MH2. So, I bet suspend cards will be printed in Wilds of Eldraine.



In Throne of Eldraine we had an entire cycle of castle lands that were quite good. If you know anything about the wilds of the plane, there are numerous locations that are begging to be turned into lands. That said, I think the set will have very good lands and that they will feature some of the following locations.

The Heart LandThe ruins that hold the crown of the old Elven empireElf Tribal land
The Jade and Obsidian BridgesTwo bridges that cross the river around The Heart LandLands work together to produce more mana if you have both. The Obsidian Bridge will be a “man-land” as it “houses a deadly guardian.”
The Haunted GladeA place on the outside of the wilds where the Kenrith twins were sacrificed as childrenFeatures a sacrifice outlet or aristocrats theme support
The Delirium SwampA bog full of brain-eating fungusWill produce tokens
The AmphitheaterMade out of a petrified Dragon – The meeting place of the Council of the DruidsDragon Tribal land

Available Products

It’s too early to even have this info for certain. However, if this set doesn’t bring any surprises we can guess the product line will follow that of previous sets. If that’s the case, here’s what it should contain.

  • Draft Boosters (Best for Drafting)
  • Set Boosters (Best for opening for fun)
  • Collector Boosters (Contains the rarest cards from the set)
  • Jumpstart Boosters (Themed packs to be shuffled together and played with)
  • Bundle (Contains a few Set Boosters and accessories)
  • 2 Commander Precons (Preconstructed Commander decks meant to be an on-ramp to the format)

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Legal Formats

Wilds of Eldraine will be legal in all formats. This includes Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Vintage, Legacy, Commander, Brawl, and Historic. All of the commons will be legal in Pauper as well. That said, the last trip to Eldraine resulted in multiple cards being banned in several formats so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some meta-warping stuff here too.

End Step

We’re still well out from the release but as we get closer I suspect that players will be very hyped for this set. It’s a lore-rich plane that I personally can’t wait to get back to – Thanks for hanging in there and taking a very early look at the set with me.

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