Dominaria United – Booster Pack Guide

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Magic: The Gathering is always evolving. The same is true of the products that release with each set. As well as the contents for some of those products. The next MTG set to be released, Dominaria United is no different. So today we will be taking a look at each …

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The History of Dominaria: A Primer for Dominaria United

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As we approach preview season for Dominaria United, you might be curious about this plane’s deep history. More sets have taken place on Dominaria than anywhere else in Magic’s multiverse, and its past is instrumental to understanding what’s happening today. Whether you’re new to Magic’s story or just looking for …

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MTG Standard: An Ultimate Guide

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Created in 1995 under the initial name “Type 2,” Standard is one of the most popular MTG formats to date. Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of the format, it’s important to understand what Standard is.  MTG Standard is a rotating format. This means that only cards from …

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MTG Tokens: A Complete Guide

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The concept of tokens in MTG is a bit strange, especially for new players. But not to worry, in this article, I’ll break down everything you need to know about tokens and mtg token generators. I’ll also give my picks for the best tokens and token generators in the game …

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MTG Kicker: How It Works and What It Does

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Kicker is a keyword ability first used all the way back in the Invasion MTG set. Now, with the upcoming release of Dominaria United, Kicker is making a return. Dominaria United isn’t just bringing Kicker cards back either. The new set is adding a twist to the popular mechanic. To …

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MTG Lifelink: How It Works and What It Does

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There are a ton of abilities and mechanics in Magic: the Gathering. Luckily, you don’t need to master them all to play. With that being said, however, there are a few abilities that are so common and integral to the game that learning them is basically mandatory. Today we’re going …

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MTG Regenerate: How It Works and What It Does

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Magic: The Gathering is a very complex game for several reasons. One of those reasons is how the plethora of mechanics and abilities all interact with one another. Even the simplest of them can raise questions in certain situations. Today it is the “regenerate” mechanic that we will dive into …

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Snow-Covered Lands in Magic: An Ultimate Guide

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Lands are a crucial but often overlooked part of your deck. It’s important to build a consistent mana base, but your lands don’t often play a part in your overall strategy. If you’re running snow-covered lands, though, they’ll often be a key part of your deck’s engine. For the most …

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Secret Lair X Fortnite – Everything You Need To Know

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Secret Lair has taken Magic: The Gathering into several other fantasy worlds, including The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and Street Fighter. Another popular release was the MTG Fortnite Secret Lair from last year. Now, MTG prepares to make its return to the battle royale world of Fortnite with a second, …

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Where to Sell Magic: the Gathering Cards

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Maybe you have cards laying around that you’re not using and not planning to use. Maybe you just cracked a pack and pulled a really expensive card that you don’t need. There are countless reasons why MTG players might want to sell cards. Finding the right place to do so, …

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