MTG Commander: The Ultimate Guide

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Commander is easily the most popular format in MTG right now. This shouldn’t be a big surprise: there’s a plethora of amazing content for this format, and it lets you play the game in a fun and unique way. But what exactly is Commander? Commander, or EDH, is a multiplayer …

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MTG Mutate: How It Works

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Magic has lots of fun, flavorful mechanics as well as complex ones. Mutate is certainly complicated, but it’s also become one of my favorite abilities in MTG. This mechanic represents the constant evolution that happens on Ikoria, so how does it show that through gameplay? Mutate is an alternative casting …

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MTG Dual Lands: All Your Questions Answered

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When you’re building or tweaking a deck, it can be easy to focus on all the powerful spells you want to play. However, properly building your land base is just as important. Most MTG decks will want enough dual lands to consistently get the mana they need. Dual lands play …

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MTG Infinite Combos: An Ultimate Guide

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Magic the Gathering is one of the most complex games in the world. With thousands upon thousands of unique cards, it isn’t surprising that some work very well together. Some MTG cards have such powerful synergy that they create infinite combos that can give you life, creatures, mana, or more. …

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Magic The Gathering Gift Ideas for 2022

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As we head into 2022, the Magic community has dozens and dozens of products to look forward to. It can be difficult even for veteran players to keep track of every new release, so I can only imagine how confusing it must be for those who don’t play. If you …

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MTG Proxies: An Ultimate Guide

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Owning an extensive collection of Magic cards can be difficult. Unless you’ve been playing for awhile or you’re able to buy lots of cards, you might not have access to everything you want. For casual games of MTG, though, there’s a cheap solution: proxies. But first, what are proxies? Proxies …

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MTG Alchemy: An Ultimate Guide

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Last week, a new MTG Arena format was announced: MTG Alchemy. Alchemy is a format that includes Standard’s card pool, with the addition of rebalanced Standard cards and new digital-only cards found in Alchemy’s inaugural set, Alchemy: Innistrad. While MTG Alchemy may seem daunting, have no fear! With this handy …

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MTG Proliferate: How Does it Work?

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Putting counters on creatures, players, and even more has always been an important part of Magic. This means that with every new set of MTG, more cards come out that you can use with proliferate. This mechanic is useful for any deck that uses lots of counters, but how exactly …

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MTG Cascade: How Does it Work?

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Cascade is an MTG mechanic that seems simple but can get confusing really quickly. There are many niche interactions that test a player’s knowledge, and it can be hard to figure out the right answer. So how exactly does cascade work? You exile cards from the top of your library …

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MTG Planeswalkers: An Ultimate Guide

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In this article, we will talk about all things planeswalker. If you’ve had questions about them in the past like who’s the best or if they can die from a board wipe, then we’ve got you covered. Follow me as we walk between the different planes. What Are Planeswalkers In …

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