When Does Dominaria United Release On MTG: Arena?

dominaria united arena feature image

Dominaria United is shaping up to be one of the most hyped sets in recent years. Naturally, players want to get to building around the new cards as soon as possible. And MTG Arena will be the way many players go about doing that. That leaves people asking “When Does …

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Dominaria United – Everything We Know So Far

dom united all info

Dominaria United commemorates the game’s upcoming 30-year anniversary, with a return to the setting of its very first release – The Plane of Dominaria. This homecoming brings with it an epic storyline that will span several sets, booster packs with a guaranteed legendary creature, and new commander preons. With that …

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MTG Regenerate: How It Works and What It Does

regenerate feature

Magic: The Gathering is a very complex game for several reasons. One of those reasons is how the plethora of mechanics and abilities all interact with one another. Even the simplest of them can raise questions in certain situations. Today it is the “regenerate” mechanic that we will dive into …

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MTG Challenger Decks – Updated 2022

challenger decks feature image

Wizards of the coast do a pretty good job of releasing pre-constructed decks that allow players to jump right into MTGs most popular formats. One great example of this is of course the commander precons. Another instance is the challenger decks that started in April 2018. Challenger decks are great …

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MTG Card Size: Your Questions Answered (Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh)

mtg card size feature image

The exact dimensions of an MTG card aren’t something you think you need to know; until you need to know. This could be very useful information for several reasons. First, it’s important for buying properly fitting sleeves. Second, it’s must-have information for people who want to print proxies or custom …

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How To Organize Cards In A Binder

how to organize cards in a binder feature image

It doesn’t take a long time playing or collecting a TCG like MTG or Pokemon for your collection of cards to get quite large. Even somewhat small collections can be quite cumbersome and space intensive. Therefore, organizing a collection of cards seems quite a daunting task to start for many …

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The MTG Color Wheel

mtg color wheel feature image

It doesn’t take much time of playing magic to notice that certain colors do things better than others. For example, why do blue cards allow you to draw cards so much better than white cards do?  Each of the 5 colors has its philosophy and principles that dictate how it …

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The Best Card Sleeves For Mtg And Pokemon Cards

best card sleeves feature image

If you are into MTG, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh, you are probably somewhat interested in card sleeves. Whether you’ve been sleeving cards for years or you’re picking up your first pack, you may have realized just how many options are available. This is because sleeves, figuratively and literally, are not one size fits all products. So, …

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How To Double Sleeve MTG Cards

how to double sleeve feature image

Whether it’s a pauper deck, a budget Modern deck, or an all-foil cEDH deck, chances are you care about your cards and want them protected while you play. To do this, most players put their cards into protective card sleeves. However, outer sleeves alone still expose your cards to dust, air, …

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The Best Magic The Gathering Art

path to exile feature image

Magic: the Gathering has many different things that draw people to the game. Of the list of attributes that make the game so lovable to so many people, the art featured on the cards is undoubtably something players and fans find special. As of 2022, there are nearly 23,000 cards …

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