Lands For Modern MTG – Building Modern Mana Bases

modern lands feature image

Lands are the foundation of most Magic: The Gathering decks. They give you the resources to cast your spells, and in formats like Modern, where many decks are two, three, four, or even five colors, finding the right lands for your decks can make or break your build. So, today …

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Wilds Of Eldraine – Spoilers, Info, Story, And More

Wilds of Eldraine feature

The Wilds of Eldraine are enchanted lands outside “The Realm” we saw the first time we visited the plane. They are a disorienting place known to house all monsters, vile magic, and curses. And they are precisely where Magic: The Gathering is going in late 2023, right after it wraps …

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Commander Masters Precons – The Best New Cards

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MTGs first-ever commander-specific masters set, “Commander Masters,” contains EDH reprints and four new precons. Being a “masters set,” the main set is entirely reprints of existing cards. The precons, however, have all-new cards, and some are pretty incredible. Today, I’ll review the best new cards from the commander masters precons. …

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Best Red Removal In Magic: The Gathering

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Slowing opponents down and dealing with their significant threats is a must if you’re going to win games of magic. It’s such an intrinsic part of the game that every color has its own way of approaching removal. Today, I’ll discuss the best red removal spells in Magic: The Gathering. …

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A Rakdos Midrange Primer

rakdo midrange primer feature image

Within this article, you’ll find an introduction to Rakdos midrange in Pioneer. Rakdos midrange is a deck that can grind out most of the decks in the format. In Pioneer, the best decks are linear and do powerful things with low interaction. But not this deck. This deck has all …

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Best White Removal In Magic: The Gathering

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Magic: The Gathering is a complex game, and building a solid deck is an art. One concept critical to successful deck building is having ways to stop what the other players are doing. To do this, you’ll need to play some type of interaction or removal, and white is one …

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Best Green Removal In Magic: The Gathering

best green removal feature image

Green is an excellent color in Magic: The Gathering. It can ramp and accelerate on mana better than any other color and has the biggest, most well-costed creatures in the game. If you’re playing green, you can almost always count on having the most significant threat on the board. While …

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Best Colorless Removal In Magic: The Gathering

best colorless removal spells feature image

If you’re playing a colorless deck and can’t splash colors for colored removal (in Commander, for instance), you’ll still need a way to remove problematic cards from opposing battlefields. In these circumstances, you’ll have to dive into the relatively shallow pool of colorless removal. While colorless removal spells aren’t the …

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