New Capenna Story Summary

Once again, WOTC has released web fiction for the story of their newest set: Streets of New Capenna. The story articles for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty were popular among the fanbase, as it made the story accessible, and they even came out before previews! I’m glad to see that WOTC took a similar approach with Streets of New Capenna, so let’s dive right into what’s going on in this new world!

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New Capenna Main Story

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The first episode opens with a flashback to Theros. We see Elspeth just as Heliod betrays her, as Ajani brings her back to the mortal realm, and as she finally dies. Players unfamiliar with the story of Theros might be interested in the recent Godsend books.

Theros (Godsend Book 1)

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Once we arrive in New Capenna, we meet Xander, the leader of the Maestros. He assigns his deacon, Anhelo, to spy on the Cabaretti as they plan for a big event called the Crescendo. Tensions are running high on New Capenna, as the supply of Halo (the magical essence which powers the plane) is running low. Both the Cabaretti and a newcomer called “the Adversary” are taking all the Halo they can get.

We also get a glimpse into the Cabaretti as Jetmir, the head of the family, and Jinnie, his right hand, prepare for the Crescendo. They plan to reveal “the Font” at this event, which will and act as a new supply of Halo and supposedly make the Cabaretti the most powerful family. We also meet Giada, a young woman being held against her will. Even though the Cabaretti offer her any luxury she could want, it’s clear that she isn’t allowed to leave.

The plane’s locals aren’t the only ones invested in the flow of Halo, however. As Vivien explores the plane, she finds Tezzeret. Even though they fought on opposite sides during the War of the Spark, he claims that they’re both on “the side of freedom,” and wants to take her to meet Urabrask. She reluctantly agrees.

Finally, Elspeth arrives in New Capenna. Although Ajani told her this might be her home plane, she feels completely out of place in this industrial world.

Dirty Laundry

Before arriving in New Capenna, Elspeth went to Dominaria to see her old friend Ajani again. He was overjoyed to see her alive, but also concerned about her. Despite all of her accomplishments, she seemed unsure of herself and longed for a place to call home. Luckily for her, Ajani may have found it.

New Capenna not only could be Elspeth’s home plane, but it also survived a Phyrexian invasion. Ajani and the Gatewatch are planning to attack New Phyrexia, but they need more information on how to beat them. Elspeth’s job is to learn more about how New Capenna survived. Even though she’s excited to “go home,” Ajani hopes that she can find peace within herself, rather than in a place.

elspeth resplendent

In New Capenna, Elspeth does odd jobs, trying to make a living without relying on any of the families. Her plans go out the window, though, when Maestro enforcers attack her current employer. She threatens them, and they chase her through the city. Eventually, the enforcers corner her, but she wins the fight by knocking them out.

Anhelo reveals himself after the fight, and he seems impressed with her skills. He offers her a job with the Maestros, which she initially refuses. As they continue talking, however, Anhelo realizes that she isn’t from New Capenna. He thinks she’s from the ruins outside the city, and tries to convince her that joining a family will help her navigate her new life. She finally accepts, knowing that the Maestros can teach her more about New Capenna.

We also see a brief glimpse into Ob Nixilis’s, or the Adversary’s, plans. One of his loyal servants tells him about the Font’s true nature, and he sees it as an opportunity to gain control of the plane.


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Elspeth’s start with the Maestros is spent working menial jobs in their museum. Despite doing her job well, she isn’t learning much about the Phyrexians or New Capenna’s past. In order to get that information, she starts taking on more jobs and solidying her place among the Maestros. However, she makes it clear that she won’t become another assassin for the family.

As she does more work for the Maestros, she starts learning pieces of the plane’s history from Xander. He tells her that the angels and demons worked together to build the city from a threat he can’t remember, and he gives Elspeth her first taste of Halo. In fact, she thinks that Halo might be key to defeating the Phyrexians, but she still doesn’t know everything about the plane. She also meets Vivien during her work, but the two don’t have a chance to talk much.

Lord Xander the Collector

Xander gives her one more job: infiltrate the Cabaretti and discover what the Font is. In exchange, he agrees to give Elspeth access to all of his records. Elspeth successfully gets hired by Jinnie, and she also meets Giada for the first time.

The Font

On the night of the Crescendo, we finally see the Adversary’s plans in action. First, Ob Nixilis and his Maestro spies ambush Xander inside his museum. He tries to escape them, but Ob Nixilis finds him outside and uses his magic to launch him off a balcony. He kills the leader of the Maestros, but the rest of his plans don’t go quite as well.

Elspeth has successfully infiltrated the Cabaretti, and she’s working at the Crescendo party. On stage, Jinnie reveals that Giada has the power to create Halo, and that she’s the “Font” that will usher in a new age for New Capenna. As soon as she does, though, all hell breaks loose. Everyone who betrayed their family for the Adversary begins fighting the loyalists, and the party turns to chaos.

cabaretti confluence

Elspeth protects Giada during the fight, seeing herself in the young captive. The two meet up with Vivien during the fight, and they escape from both the Adversary’s forces and the Cabaretti leaders.

At this point, the streets of New Capenna erupt in warfare. Vivien and Giada hide from the conflict while Elspeth returns to the museum to find a proper weapon. While she’s there, she overhears Ob Nixilis’s agents. She learns that Xander is dead, and that her enemies are looking for her. With a new sword in hand, she prepares for the upcoming battle.

Hymn of the Angels

Elspeth returns and has a heart-to-heart conversation with Giada. She fears that her power isn’t enough to fix the broken state of New Capenna, and Elspeth does her best to comfort her. Much like what Ajani told her, Elspeth tells Giada that her purpose has to come from within, and she vows to protect her until she discovers that purpose.

Jinnie and the Cabaretti find the three, and they take them to an Obscura hideout. Although they thought the Obscura were their allies, more of the Adversary’s forces attack them, including the Obscura themselves. The three manage to escape and make their way to a cathedral, in which Giada seems to find “her family” among countless statues of angels. It seems that the angels of New Capenna still exist in some form within these statues.

obscura charm

However, Ob Nixilis finds them there. Vivien leaves to fend off his henchmen while Elspeth fights the demon on her own. Ob Nixilis is stronger and faster, though, and defeats her. Before he can deliver the final blow, Giada releases a burst of Halo. She heals Elspeth and gifts her a Halo-empowered sword, then fades away into the same state of existance as the angels. More confident than before, Elspeth wounds Ob Nixilis, forcing him to planeswalk away.


Anhelo welcomes Elspeth and Vivien back to the museum. He has taken over as head of the Maestros and grants them access to all of Xander’s old archives. They learn that the angels and demons of New Capenna joined forces to stop the Phyrexian invasion. However, the demons trapped the angels and formed Halo from their bodies, and they used this to defend the city.

Vivien and Elspeth plan to take the last of Xander’s Halo and show the Gatewatch what they’ve learned. Although she has to face her old enemy once again, Elspeth feels confident in her purpose: to protect her friends and find her home alongside them.

New Capenna Side Story

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Of course, there’s much more to the story in New Capenna than Elspeth’s journey! If you want a deeper look at the set’s world and side characters, then look no further.

I highly recommend reading these for yourself if you’re interested in the worldbuilding as well as the story of New Capenna. These do an excellent job of fleshing out New Capenna, and I actually enjoyed them more than the main story.

However, these stories don’t have much to do with Magic’s overall plot, and they aren’t necessary to understanding what happens in New Capenna. As a result, I’ll only cover the one story that does have implications for the future of Magic.

The Side of Freedom

This story follows Vivien, picking up right where we left her in “Homecoming.” Although she’s wary of Tezzeret, she agrees to follow him as they leave New Capenna for the ruins beneath the city. On the way, Tezzeret reveals that he’s working for the Phyrexians, but only because Elesh Norn promised him some kind of reward. He says doesn’t want the Phyrexians to conquer the multiverse, and Vivien trusts him enough to keep going.

Tezzeret leads Vivien to Urabrask, who is severely wounded after using the Planar Bridge. He’s the only praetor who doesn’t agree with Elesh Norn’s vision for New Phyrexia, and he believes he can defeat her. Before he gives Vivien too many details, however, he asks her to bring him Halo to study, and to find someone named Elspeth, who Elesh Norn apparently fears.

elesh norn grand cenobite

Vivien steals Halo here and there by making connections with the Obscura, and that’s also how she learns Elspeth’s whereabouts. We see her perspective of their meetings, as well as Urabrask’s reaction to Halo. The praetor seems to wince when he holds it, though he doesn’t explain much to Vivien.

This story ends with Vivien’s plans to attend the Crescendo, where she believes Elspeth will be. From there, we know the two reunite, but we have yet to see what they planned for the Phyrexians.

End Step

You’re now all caught up on the story of New Capenna! We’re definitely gearing up for a return to New Phyrexia, and I’m excited to see what direction the story will take from there. If you’re interested in anything else related to this set, check out our other articles on the spoilers and products for Streets of New Capenna!

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