Dominaria United Promo Cards

With a new set comes new cards, new mechanics, and new stories. However, there’s one thing that won’t be changing with each set: exciting promos! Whether you want sweet rewards for in-store events or exclusive buy-a-box promos, there’s something to look forward to with the release of Dominaria United.

Buy-A-Box Promo

WOTC has been printing buy-a-box promos since 2009, and Dominaria United is no exception.

llanowar loamspeaker box topper

This time around, you can get a special promo of Llanowar Loamspeaker by buying any booster box of Dominaria United. This promo features alternate, extended art that can’t be found anywhere else. Llanowar Loamspeaker is a new rare from Dominaria United that will also be available in booster packs.

You’ll receive this promo no matter what kind of box you buy. It doesn’t matter if you get a draft booster box, a set booster box, a collector’s booster box, or one of the new Jumpstart booster boxes. As long as you’re buying a full display, you’ll get an alternate art Llanowar Loamspeaker.

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Game Day Promos

On September 17th, a week after the release of Dominaria United, you can participate in Game Day events at numerous local game stores. If you do, you can receive the following cards as promos:

All three of these promos will come with new art and transparent text boxes.

touch the spirit realm
workshop warchief
shivan devastator

Touch the Spirit Realm and Workshop Warchief are from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and Streets of New Capenna, respectively. Shivan Devastator, on the other hand, is a new mythic rare in Dominaria United.

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Store Championship Promos

Finally, there are special promos for competing in your local Store Championships on October 15th-22nd. These promo cards serve as prizes for both participation and performance.

Just for showing up, you’ll receive a copy of Spell Pierce featuring new art. Fans of merfolk or blue control decks will be happy to snag a sleek version of this staple.

spell pierce

Next, top 8 contenders will get a Gilded Goose. Once part of a deck that terrorized Standard, Gilded Goose is still an interesting one-drop mana dork.

gilded goose

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If you bring home the glory and win the whole championship, you’ll be rewarded with a very special version of Omnath, Locus of Creation. This card is a full-art, textless copy of the four-color Omnath. Omnath, Locus of Creation still sees tons of play in Modern, so this will likely be a highly sought-after promo.

omnath locust of creation

End Step

Whether you just want to buy a box of Dominaria United, or you have your sights set on your LGS’s Store Championship, there’s something exciting on the horizon with our return to Magic’s original plane.

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