Archetype Overview – Modern Murktide Deck Tech

murktide feature image

came to Moden in June of 2021 and has since perched itself atop the meta. It is one of the format’s most competitive decks and the focus of today’s article. If you’re interested in the archetype at all you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be covering how the deck …

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Archetype Overview – Modern Burn Deck Tech

eidolon of the great revel

The Modern format is quite diverse and has a plethora of strategies and archetypes that see play. I’ll be going over each and every one of them in my “Modern Archetype Overview” series. Today, I’ll be covering, the long-time player favorite and a perennial contender that is Modern Burn. Burn …

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Modern Monday: Mondrak, Glory Dominus Deck Tech

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Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoilers are officially upon us and I must say, the set is looking pretty great so far. There are quite a few cards that I think will turn out to be very good for several formats. That said, I’ll be brewing with some of the …

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