The 10 Best MTG Green Board Wipes

wave of vitriol feature image

Green is often regarded as one of the strongest colors in Magic. It excels in ramp, card draw, and powerful creatures, but it still has its weaknesses. When it comes to board wipes, green is the weakest of the five colors. Green only has a few board wipes. Between the …

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The Top 10 MTG Red Board Wipes

blasphemous act feature image

One of red’s biggest strengths is creature removal, and that includes clearing the board. Even though it doesn’t have unconditional sweepers, red has plenty of options for burning your opponents’ board to the ground. Most of red’s board wipes deal damage to creatures rather than outright destroying them. When we …

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The 10 Best MTG White Board Wipes [Updated]

wrath of god feature image

Ever since Alpha, white has been known for clearing the board effectively and efficiently. No other color has as many powerful and versatile options, but what makes white board wipes so strong? White board wipes can answer a wide variety of threats. They have options for clearing almost any permanent …

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The Best Lands In MTG: A Complete Guide

best lands feature image

Lands are the most important part of a Magic: the Gathering deck. Without them, the rest of your deck can’t function (well, unless you’re playing some weird discard-to-hand-size dredge deck). Today we’re going to go over the best lands in MTG history. There are countless ways a land can be …

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The Top 10 MTG Blue Board Wipes

coastal breach feature image

Once a permanent has entered the battlefield, blue decks can have a hard time dealing with it for good. With counter magic and bounce spells being the color’s main forms of removal, it can struggle when lots of threats are on the board. Still, there are times when blue board …

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The Top 10 MTG Black Board Wipes

blood on the snow feature image

In almost every game of Magic, you’ll need to answer your opponents’ creatures. Spot removal works well for individual threats, but sometimes you just need to wipe the slate clean. When your opponents’ boards get out of control, black board wipes are some of the best tools available to get …

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MTG Dual Lands: All Your Questions Answered

underground sea feature image

When you’re building or tweaking a deck, it can be easy to focus on all the powerful spells you want to play. However, properly building your land base is just as important. Most MTG decks will want enough dual lands to consistently get the mana they need. Dual lands play …

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The Best Magic The Gathering Art

path to exile feature image

Magic: the Gathering has many different things that draw people to the game. Of the list of attributes that make the game so lovable to so many people, the art featured on the cards is undoubtably something players and fans find special. As of 2022, there are nearly 23,000 cards …

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Top 10 Best Cat Cards In MTG

arahbo feature image

Everybody loves cats! Well, most people do anyway, and those who don’t still love cats in Magic The Gathering. Cats are everywhere in the planes of Magic. Many don’t know this but there are close to as many cats as there are elves. They’ve become such a prominent tribe in …

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