How Does Infect Work? [FAQ, Strategy & Best Cards]

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Infect is an ability that allows creatures to deal damage to players and creatures in different ways than other creatures. Since its release in Scars of Mirrodin, the ability has been one of the premier ways of winning games of Magic without getting your opponent’s life to zero. Infect decks play fast and with …

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Modern Monday: Mondrak, Glory Dominus Deck Tech

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Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoilers are officially upon us and I must say, the set is looking pretty great so far. There are quite a few cards that I think will turn out to be very good for several formats. That said, I’ll be brewing with some of the …

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Corrupting Influence: Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

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Commander is the most popular MTG format and the reconstructed decks for the format and wildly popular. That said, players are always hyped for the reveal of the newest decks. Phyrexia: All Will Be One is set to release on February 10th and is bringing two brand-new decks with it. …

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Lost Caverns Of Ixalan – Spoilers, Info, Story, And More

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Ixalan is a plane full of Dinosaurs, Merfolk, Vampires, and Pirates; At least on the surface and on the seas. That said, the plane has much more dwelling below the surface that we have yet to discover. However, I think looking at what we know about the sets coming before …

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Wilds Of Eldraine – Spoilers, Info, Story, And More

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The Wilds of Eldraine are enchanted lands that lie outside “The Realm” we saw the first time we visited the plane. They are a disorienting place known to house all monsters, vile magic, and curses. And they are exactly where Magic: The Gathering is going in late 2023, right after …

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How Much Are Your Pokémon Cards Worth?

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Most people have some experience with the Pokémon trading card game. Some played the game in their youth, while others were parents of someone who played. Regardless of your relationship with the game, with the recent increase in Pokémon card value, many people find that they have collections of cards …

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Complete List of MTG Arena Codes – December 2022

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The wild card system is Magic: the Gathering Area’s version of trading. Wildcards are digital objects that you trade in for a card of the same rarity. They can be obtained by playing games, opening packs, and completing tasks. With that said, it can be time-consuming to earn enough wildcards …

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