Enduring Enchantments – Deck List, Card Predictions, And Possible Reprints

Commander Masters hits shelves on August 4th of 2023, bringing Draft, Set, & Collector Boosters, and four brand-new Commander Precons. Of these four precons is a colorless Eldrazi deck, a five-color Sliver deck, a three-color (Red, White, Blue) planeswalker deck, and an Abzan (White, Black, Green) Enchantment deck. Today we’ll be focusing on “Enduring Enchantments” and what it may contain.

As of now, all we know for sure is that Enduring Enchantments is Abzan (White, Black, Green) in color, will release on August 4th, and will contain 10 brand-new commander cards, including the commander.

So, not much in the way of official info yet, but judging by the name and the color identity, we can make a few educated decks about what the deck will be focused on and how it may play. Aside from that, I’ll also be diving into what reprints we may see and making some suggestions for cards to pick up prior to release. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Deck Strategy

Given the name, I think it’s probably safe to assume that the deck will be focused on enchantments. More specifically, an enchantress strategy that involves the graveyard and reanimation of your enchantments. The “Enduring” part of the name is what points toward reanimation to me and the Abzan colors are perfectly suited for it. That said, here’s a look into what this strategy may look like.

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Enchantments Matter Cards

If your deck is packed to the gills with a certain card type (in this case enchantments) you’ll want to generate rewards or value for playing them – Things like card drawing cards, gaining life or creating tokens whenever one is cast all fit the bill here. Furthermore, there are a lot of spells that make this particular card type cost less to cast as well. Here are some cards that I would expect to see in the precon:

The Enchantments Themselves

There are a ton of powerful enchantments (some are even creatures) in Magic: The Gathering and they do lots of different things – There is enchantment-based removal, ramp, token production, and anthem effects just to name a few. And with the cards mentioned above, you’ll generate value on top of the effect itself. Here are some examples/predictions of what might show up:


What’s better than using all your enchantments and drawing cards off of them once? Doing it over and over again. Luckily, there are quite a few cards that let you do just that. Here are some cards that I wouldn’t be surprised to see in Enduring Enchantments that revolve around the graveyard:

Possible Reprints

If you look back at precons of the past, they usually have a reprint value of around $95. That said, I think these precons will be a little higher since they’re pretty special. For the sake of conversation, let’s say they’ll be around $100. Given that 10 of the cards in the precons will be brand-new and aside from these, some number of the cards will probably be new cards from Commander Masters itself.

So, somewhere around 60 cards in the deck will likely be reprints when you take into consideration that any new cards from the main set will also technically be a reprint. This would mean there will be 60 cards making up around $100 worth of value. Here’s how I think Wizards of the Coast may allocate some of the reprint value when it comes to the pricier items:

Cards You Should Pick Up Before Enduring Enchantment Releases

If you’re planning on buying Enduring Enchantments when it releases and upgrading it, you’ll want to pick up some of the staples that won’t be reprinted in the precon. I’ve selected a few cards that people will likely be looking to add to the deck but that I don’t think will make it into the stock list.

Official Deck List

There are no official deck lists for the precons out yet, but whenever they are out, you’ll find them here.

End Step

Commander Masters is a very exciting set and I can’t wait to see what the precons contain. Behind the Eldrazi Unbound precon, Enduring Enchantments is probably the one players are most excited for. We’ve still probably got quite a while (assuming there are no leaks) before we get to see anything from the set.

Still, I enjoy making some guesses based on what we do know and by looking at the precons that have come before. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading them. Until next time, get out there and play some Commander.

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